Here are some resources that you may find helpful while exploring your personal finance situation.  They are in Microsoft Excel format and free for you to use.

Household Budget Form:

Use this form as a starting point as you try to get your finances under control.  Change it as your life needs change.  Just make sure you do a monthly budget!

Budget – Blank


Compound Interest Calculator:

This form will be very helpful in calculating the value of investments, especially when planning for retirement.  This form can help you find the future value of a lump sum, or the value of a portfolio with a steady stream of deposits over many years.

Compound Interest Form


Basic Investing Terms:

This page will help boil down some of the most common terms in the investing world.

Basic Investing Terms


Weighted Average Interest Rate Calculator:

This tool helps you determine what interest rate you are paying on a group of loans as a whole.

Weighted Average Interest Rate Calculator


Amortization Schedules:

These forms are designed to help you understand the cost of borrowing money.

3 Year Amortization

5 Year Amortization

7 Year Amortization

10 Year Amortization

15 Year Amortization

20 Year Amortization

25 Year Amortization

30 Year Amortization

35 Year Amortization

40 Year Amortization